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Timber Building repair service

Timber building repair and maintenance service

All garden buildings need ongoing mainenance and need the odd repair carrying out over the years, if kept under control then this can easily double the life of you cabin or shed. We offer this service for any timber garden building -

  • Log cabins
  • Garden offices
  • Insulated garden rooms
  • Garden workshops
  • Sheds
  • Timber framed garages
  • Sectional garden buildings

Hortons are able to carry out any works required to keep your garden building in tiptop condition - we are experts in all types of garden buildings and because we suppply and install them all of the time, and we hold stock of many of the items that are required.

We know how to carry out the work in the most efficient manner - we don't need to guess like a general handyman may have to do and go about it in a long winded way.

The more common repairs and maintenance for log cabins and sheds are -

  • Adjusting windows and doors
  • Re-felting / re-roofing
  • Replacing a felt roof with EPDM rubber roof
  • Flat roof repairs - we only recover the whole roof with EPDM rubber roofing (not repair hot felt / 2 layer bonded felt roofs)
  • Repairing / replacing roof boards following on from a leaky roof
  • Replacing rotten fascia boards - we can even replace these with uPVC for a maintenance free life thereafter
  • Re-painting
  • Replacing windows or doors
  • Upgrading windows / doors
  • Hinge replacements (for rusted or seized hinges)
  • Replacing or adding new locks to doors
  • Adding new extra windows / doors
  • Realigning guttering / repairing guttering / add guttering
  • Log cabins - In some cases, repairing / replacing rotten logs (can be a very complicated process as the logs are interlocked at the corners
  • Sheds and garden workshops - Replacing cladding (quite often around the bottom where boards have gone rotten due to rain splash-back
  • Floor repairs (usually from rising damp as a result of a lack of dampproof course) - some cases it is possible to retrofit a dmp course to protect it in the future

There many other repairs that we can also carry out to your garden rooms.

If you would like to discuss what your requirements are, then please contact us with a brief description to start with.

We can usually give a ballpark figure from your initial contact and then be more exact once you have sent us some photos and answered a few more questions that we may have. If you request a call ut to inspect your building, then we do charge a call out fee for this (which we will always ry to tie in when we are in your area in order to keep this as little as possible).

However, there are certain circumstances where it is almost impossible to give an exact figure to start with - if there has been a roof leak or if the floor is rotten, then until you start to dismantle the element in question, you.don't know how far the damage has gone. In this case we can only give a call out fee (to cover travelling costs) plus an hourly rate and estimated material costs (we will always try to give a price range that it is likely to cost, but this cannot be guaranteed of course).

We will always be honest with you and declare if we think the building is beyond repair or not cost effective to repair (but will always carry out the work if requested to do so). In some cases it is worth dismantling the building to lay a new base and then reassemble it, but in other cases it may not be cost effective to refelt a roof if the timber roof structure has rotted underneath the roof covering.

Please note - we do not repair buildings that contain asbestos.

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